Our history is a long but successful one, which has built a resilient and excellent driving school in the region. Our driving school was established in 1991, making us over 20 years old and filled with experience, knowledge, and trusted service.

We started from a single classroom, but now we are the leading driving school in the entire Ontario, offering tens of classes. Our founder, Zahir A. Malik, has been an instructor since 1993 in Canada. Besides Ajax, we are also an established name in the driving school industry in Uxbridge and Pickering. Our quality and standard have been recognized on various occasions; in Uxbridge, we have been voted the best driving school five times. 

We have graduated over 15,000 students. We have a pass rate of over 95%, and 90% of these are the first time passes. We offer full time driving lessons, which includes from G1 stage to the stage of taking the driving test. Our success can be said to come from the hands-on step adopted by the owner. 

Since inception, he has maintained this approach by leading a team of experienced, passionate, and friendly instructors to pass first-class driving lessons to our students. Our aims include the following:

  • To make sure our drivers are educated in all areas of driving. 
  • To provide our students with the most advanced driving instructions, which will make them the best drivers around.
  • To assist our students in obtaining their licenses as fast as possible.
  • To make sure our students know all that is required of them to obtain their driving certificates.
  • To assist them in getting insurance for their vehicles.
  • We want to also get into partnership with the government to ensure the roads are safer for us all.